Tools and Tuning Stands for Hang drum makers

Custom made hammers for shaping, dimple making. 

Tuning stands for different sizes.

Please contact for more info.

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Hang Pan, steel pan, Drum, Percussion,

Hand Pan, Naturepan, healing instrument

Pantam, HCT, Handmade

Hand Pan shells for makers

Handpan shell specs:

Price per Blank shell - 75Eur

Price per Shell with GU or Ding - 90Eur


We are sponsoring Harmonic Waves: Simon Jay Cervania. certified Solar Spectrum sound healing facilitator and vibration therapy instructor

Handmade products by order.

T shirts, souveniers and accesuaries for your handpan instrument.

Here is an article about our work and how its connected to World of Lucid Dreamers.